Apr 18, 2016 | Linhart Blog, Our Business

4 Reasons Your Brand Needs a Digital Audit

Digital audits provide insight into more than just your social media following or share of voice. An audit allows you to better understand the sentiment and conversation around your brand, provides insight into competitors, tells you what fans really want and much more. Here are four reasons you should consider a digital audit.

1. Understand your strengths and weaknesses. Understanding your brand’s strengths and weaknesses is a necessity and while marketers often think our strategy is the best, an online audit could suggest otherwise. Audits may show us that initiatives we put a lot of time and effort into aren’t always paying off or, conversely, may shine light on something small we’re doing that is making a big impact. Smart brand strategists seek data-driven input on program performance and are willing to course-correct when necessary. Digital audits can help us understand the outcome of all that we are doing online while providing a helpful guiding light as programs evolve.
tug_o_war_icon32. Know your competition. Because consumers and customers can easily compare two brands online, it’s important to know how peer brands are trending. Diving deep into the online footprint of your competitors gives you great insight into what they are doing well which could be impacting your market share. Perhaps they are running sweepstakes on Instagram or they have a killer e-newsletter or they may have updated their website, making it more user friendly. Understanding where and how competitors are succeeding allows you to build better communication plans for your own brand. Competitor insights remind us that we may need to be flexible with our marketing plans as we don’t want to repeat competitor mistakes or run a program that seems like a knockoff.
areas_of_opp_icon3. Identify areas of opportunity. Recognizing weaknesses and knowing where your competitors stand allows you to identify areas of opportunity. Perhaps you thought an online platform wouldn’t offer much value to your brand and consumer, but after seeing that your audience is craving more across platform X, you can identify areas of opportunity for your team. An audit can shed light on positives and negatives, with both outcomes being greater growth.
quak_quant_icon4. Acknowledge the qualitative and quantitative. Digital media provides a wide range of analytics, a blessing and a curse for digital specialists. What these great analytics can sometimes miss are the helpful insights from qualitative analysis. The quality of engagements online is just as important as the quantity. Without looking at the combination of quantitative and qualitative, we aren’t seeing the full picture. A digital audit can combine both the characteristics and the measured value to provide the best visibility into consumer trends, competitor activity, areas of opportunity and the digital strengths and weaknesses of your brand.

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