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5 Resume Showstoppers

The Linhart PR digital team continues to grow and we are excited to welcome two new team members. We were very fortunate to receive an incredible amount of qualified applicants, so many that the team worked double time to ensure all resumes were read and all candidates considered. With so many applicants to review, a few elements continued to standout across resumes. As you update your resume and prepare for your upcoming interview, here are 5 tips to keep in mind.

1. One page. Keeping your career highlights to one page allows the reviewer the best snapshot of you and your successes. It also forces you to only include the best of the best. Find your key achievements and be sure they are highlighted, remove the rest. And to help keep your resume to one page, remove the objective. The objective is to get the role you’ve applied for. Use the space you gain from removing the objective to focus on you and why you are the best candidate.

2. Personal touch. Be it your hobbies, links to your social channels, a photo or a creative layout, a personal touch really sets candidates apart. In a sea of applicants, standing out is important and you are more than just your work history, your personality is important, too. Offer something uniquely you to drive interest for the resume recipient. My former boss was a vaulter, or as I like to call it, horse-nastics. Now that is a resume showstopper!

3. Numbers. Quantifiers are so helpful for the reader of your resume. It helps them understand the contributions you made and the outcomes you achieved. For example, change “Coordinated many events” to “Coordinated 10 events over 12 months with over 7,000 collective attendees to drive trial and awareness.” This tells a story and better establishes your capabilities.

4. Education/Tools/Volunteer work. No matter your level of experience, these categories are helpful for the employer-to-be as they tell your story and showcase your personal and professional qualities. While you can omit your GPA, noting your alma mater and volunteer work may elicit a connection with the reader and/or a unique conversation. Including the tools you are proficient in expands your experience and provides the reader a deeper sense of your capabilities.

5. PDF. Word documents can appear differently from computer to computer. Be sure to PDF your resume so all of your formatting is saved correctly. This will ensure the employer-to-be views the most polished version of your work history.

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