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Five Tips to Get Your Branded Online Newsroom Ready for Summer


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Sure, you published that new story a few days ago then updated the company images in the gallery but are you doing everything you can to show off your hard work? No need to fear, we have you covered! Here are five tips to ramp up your online newsroom just in time for summer.

1.    Take advantage of tools to optimize your website

  •  SEO - There isn’t an exact formula of which words and phrases will drive traffic to your website, therefore it’s important to frequently monitor and adjust your SEO formula.
  • Always populate meta descriptions –Allow journalists to see a 160-character snippet of a page’s content in the search results, helping them find the information they want faster.
  • Alt Tag every image – This provides a clear text alternative describing an image and its function on the webpage.
  • Create Robot.txt Files –Place these text files on your web server allowing webcrawlers such as Googlebot to easily find your website in search engines.

2.   Newsroom Content

  • Online newsrooms are living things and must be updated frequently.
  • Always link the company blog to your online newsroom.
  • Have executive head shots, general company images, and video available for reporters.
  • Allow text to be copied directly from your website. Journalists prefer it.
  • Set up an option to allow subscription to email alerts when new content is added to the newsroom.
  • Have an archive of press releases.

3.   Your online newsroom should consist of these 12 categories of content as they are most helpful for journalists when developing stories:

  • Breaking news
  • Press releases
  • News releases with multimedia
  • Media relations contact information
  • High-res images
  • Fact sheets
  • Press kits
  • Executive bios
  • Company history
  • Contact information for subject matter experts
  • Post editorial coverage – Have an “In the News” section
  • Events

4.   Newsroom Functionality

  • It’s a global marketplace. If your brand regularly interacts with different countries/languages, have a language option.
  • If possible, have ‘For the Media’ or ‘Newsroom’ link on the main homepage to allow reporters easy access.
  • Enable stories to be shared easily through social share buttons.

5.   Have a dedicated Twitter account for sharing stories to media

 Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 1.17.59 PM

Twitter is wildly popular with journalists given it’s arguably the best medium for sharing and consuming news. Brands took notice and are pushing out timely news stories directly to their target audiences.


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