How Do We Love PR? Let Us Count the Ways…

Despite PR making the Most Stressful Jobs List year after year, many of us in the field truly do enjoy (dare I say love) it! Well, most days at least. What better time to explore our love for PR than around Valentine’s Day?

I asked several of my colleagues at Linhart Public Relations what they love most about working in PR. Here are some of their responses:

“I love the diversity of the industries I get to work in. One of my favorite things about PR is that I am always learning about a new client or industry.” – Courtney Brunkow

“One of the things I love about what we do is the opportunity to interact with clients, including senior executives, during times of change and stress — helping them determine what to say, and what to do, to build brands, reputation and engagement.” – Paul Raab

“What I love most about PR is the opportunity to explore what people are talking about daily — both in the news media and social media — and think about smart ways that our clients can become part of the conversation.” – Sarah Bowles

“I love learning about things that most people don’t know anything about…and then finding a way to share and educate.” – Kelly Janhunen

“I like getting the opportunity to tell stories. When we are able to tell them visually and with language that evokes emotion, I feel like I’m making an impact.” – Danielle Feldman

“I love that our PR profession is all about identifying and solving problems. Every day, we can tap market insights and communications know-how to help organizations seize opportunities that can make a real difference for their people, customers and community.” – Kelly Womer

“I like PR because no day is ever the same, and because at Linhart PR you get to work with cool clients and awesome colleagues. But I think my favorite part is getting to learn about such interesting and important subjects I might not otherwise dive into.” – Emma Garten

“I love the variety of the challenges! There are always new ways to communicate and no shortage of fresh opportunities.” – Sharon Linhart

“What I love about PR is that we build the narrative around our client stories and influence the storytelling to help structure and heighten their voices through strategic media relations.” – Amber DiGiallonardo

“I love the strategy. I love finding a new and creative approach to a pitch or PR plan, and then seeing the results once executed.” – Emily Kleinburd

Do these answers surprise me? Not really. I agree with all of them. They also don’t surprise me because of how closely they align with research about why people love their jobs. In a recent survey by Virgin Pulse, the Virgin Group’s employee-wellness software program, 53 percent of respondents cited interesting and challenging work is the top reason they love their jobs. Almost all of the love notes above say something about the interesting or challenging nature of PR.

So, while PR may be stressful, it’s also diverse, rewarding and exciting. It’s also always changing. And, the perks, like meeting Harrison Ford, and being one of the first to test Chipotle catering and an abundance of comfy Crocs shoes, don’t hurt either!

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