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Feb 23, 2016 | Linhart Blog, Our Business

LinkedIn CEO: What to Tell Employees in Challenging Times

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LinkedIn, the business networking site with more than 400 million users, recently lost 40 percent of its stock value overnight. The company isn’t alone this earnings season in reporting less-than-stellar results.

What do you say to employees in these challenging financial times or in the midst of change? The company’s communications executive recently wrote about and posted a four-minute snippet of exactly what LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner shared with his employees. Read and watch here.

A few takeaways: Weiner paints a picture of the market conditions and trends, apparently building on what he’d been saying to employees over the last several years. He shares what the company can control. He indicates what’s changing and what’s remaining the same, including re-affirming LinkedIn’s vision and strategies that are well-positioned to take advantage of the changing marketplace. While it’s not included in the video, Weiner then goes on to outline the company’s plan and what it means for employees. It’s not just his words that are impactful. His demeanor is confident, positive, calm and casual. He inspires confidence.

The willingness of LinkedIn to share this internal video was itself refreshing and symbolized the company’s transparency.

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