More Observations from The Incite Summit

Here are observations from day two of The Incite Summit. The final day featured a diverse group of marketing executives from FreshDirect, Heinz, the Wharton School, Alex and Ani, and, which was recently acquired by PetSmart. Let me know what you think. Are you discussing these topics in your organizations?

  • We all feel the dramatic disruptions happening in marketing today. Given the rapid change, corporate cultures that have never been experimenters should pivot culturally to learn from experiments and the failures that may occur. Celebrate the learning and move forward smartly.
  • MCO (marketing content optimization) is the new SEO, according to Forbes’ Chief Insights Officer Bruce Rogers. With more than 80% of brand content going unseen or ignored, it is vital to determine the strategy and technology to make MCO work. Companies like OneSpot and Appinions are helping marketing teams with content sequencing and data-driven content marketing to turn content, which is communication, into real marketing. Understand where your brand provides value and play better offense with content marketing.
  • So many platforms, so little time. Take advice from marketing leaders who remind us that the problem we are trying to solve is more important than the platform to use.
  • In conjunction with choosing platforms smartly, “be a fast follower” if your brand doesn’t have the bandwidth to always be first.
  • On a lighter note, Alex and Ani, cool “better for you” jewelry, sends a Motivation Nation message each day at 7 a.m. to inspire its fans. The daily motivational content is one of the brand’s most popular content features. (I just liked the brand on Facebook today and am looking forward to my first Motivation post tomorrow morning.)


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