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Supercharging Your Brand: A Digital Event

Naturally Boulder‘s education session, “Supercharge Your Brand’s Digital Marketing Strategy,” gathered up-and-coming brands and industry experts from around Colorado at the Impact HUB in Boulder to talk about the do’s and don’ts of digital marketing.

I was invited to join the “open kimono” style panel for Birch Benders, a “micro-pancakery” whose gluten-free, just add water, delicious pancakes are becoming a staple in family pantries. Prior to the event, all of us as panelists were able to ask questions and learn about the micro-pancakery. Birch Benders shared their unique story and provided insight into their business. All of the learnings led to a great discussion, leaving the Birch Benders team with a number of digital marketing, takeaways.

For me, the most important takeaway that was echoed among all the experts was content.

In doing my research, I found Birch Benders most often posted photos of their packaging on shelves in the supermarket. Most brands begin their social footprint with this same attitude; we will share with our fans what is most important to the business. What we should be asking is: what is most important to our fans?

Digital marketing needs the consumer filter in front of the business lens. While the business goal is to get on shelves (and sell), first the target market needs to want the product. Digital marketing allows us to drive the want through videos, photos, and 140 characters. I shared with Birch Benders the importance of moving from packaging images to pictures of delicious pancakes dripping in syrup. That is what fans want to see (and eat). Digital content is all about showcasing your product in its best form and engaging all five senses through a screen.

Jonathan Perelman of Buzzfeed said, “Content is king, but distribution is queen, and she wears the pants.” Once content is perfected, investments in advertising, campaigns and storytelling become more important. The distribution strategy ensures your content takes more than a few quick breaths in the digital world and lives on through clicks and shares. With strong content and a better understanding of your target market’s needs online, spending on AdWords and hosting sweepstakes will result in better outcomes. The message you are now putting out is what your audience wants to take in, so supporting though distribution is a must. Plus, if no one sees your great content, it’s like a tree falling in the woods; did it really make a sound?

The event reminded all of us that the online space can make a big impact on your business and it’s important to keep up with the ever-changing landscape.

I mentioned to Birch Benders that if I were going to talk the talk, I should walk the walk. Here are a few content pieces I cooked up.

BirchBendersCakes-2 BirchBendersMeal-2 BirchBendersPrep-2


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