Jul 15, 2016 | Linhart Blog, Our Culture

Take the Plunge: Finding Success in New Aspirations

One of my favorite things to do is lace up my shoes and hit the pavement for a good run. There are so many places to discover and things to see. From the great homes in Denver neighborhoods to the parks scattered throughout the city, I have never regretted breaking a sweat and putting some miles on my Nikes.

This summer has thrown me for a loop as knee problems have been limiting the runs I can enjoy. I figured now was a great time to check an item off my bucket list: lap swimming. While it was something I always aspired to do, it was also something that intimidated me. The thought of wearing goggles and a swim cap seemed so constricting and I was nervous about getting the breathing right – not to mention figuring out the etiquette for swimming with multiple people in the lane. These looming uncertainties made me nervous to venture into such unknown territory.

But I was determined. So I took the first step in buying a suit and goggles. Feeling sporty in my new attire, I headed for the pool and after a few minutes of lingering around the sidelines, stepped up to the lane and jumped in. With the small bit of knowledge I gained from YouTube videos, I boldly (if slowly) made my way to the other end- and back again. With each lap I gained confidence and started swimming farther for longer periods of time, exhilarated that I was trying something that had seemed so impossible for this land creature.

I am certainly no expert at swimming and still ask for advice from swimmers of all levels but I have come to really enjoy this as a form of exercise. It’s a perfect refresher for the summer heat and I make small goals for myself to meet each time. I’m looking forward to having this as a hobby in years to come.
The summer isn’t over yet— get cracking on those things waiting on your bucket list!



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