The collective results of more than 2,000 studies suggest a positive correlation between a higher intake of EPA and DHA omega-3s and better heart health. However, the research is complex, and depending on the methodology, population, and dosages, some recent studies have not shown a statistically significant benefit of omega-3 intake on heart health. As a result, the media coverage and conversation around these studies cause confusion for consumers. GOED asked Linhart PR to communicate the heart health benefits of EPA and DHA clearly, concisely and credibly to its key consumer audiences.


Linhart PR produced and distributed an educational, social media-friendly video during Heart Health Month that summarized the key cardiovascular benefits of DHA and EPA. The video was deployed on GOED’s social media channels, and supported through a combination of social media advertising and sponsored social posts through partnerships with health and nutrition expert influencers.


In three weeks, the video was viewed 80,775 times and watched for a total of 34,332 minutes, surpassing set goals by 169% and 43%, respectively. Additionally, through partnerships with 11 high-profile RDs, who each posted the video to their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels, the video content reached an additional 208,000 consumers and influencers focused on nutrition.


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