Meyer Natural Foods – a leader in the protein industry with its Meyer Natural Angus, Laura’s Lean and Dakota brands – tasked Linhart PR with bringing to life three different brand identities on social channels with content to drive impressions and consumer actions, like engagement, while also hitting industry social media benchmarks.


Linhart PR developed monthly strategic content calendars for each brand, using Google and Facebook Analytics to assess audiences and past post performance, while also considering relevant cultural and seasonal tie-ins. Linhart PR also designated brand and channel owners, essentially creating experts in brand voice, target consumers and meaningful content. Paid programs further connected with the intended target, helping to drive engagement, website visits and more. Specifically:

• Laura’s Lean: Written in the brand’s more playful tone, Laura’s Lean posts shared product differentiators, quick and easy recipes, health tips and benefits, and contests to engage followers: health-focused moms, age 35 to 55.
• Meyer Natural Angus: Content in folksy and casual tones reached followers – men, age 35 to 55 – who turn to these channels for glimpses of the idyllic life at the Meyer Ranch, grilling and barbecuing content, and trends and tips for cooking steaks.
• Dakota: Using a warm and friendly tone, content for this audience – men, age 40 to 60 – highlighted 100% grass fed and finished, recipes, and quotes about sharing good food with family and friends.


From January to July 2018, Linhart PR exceeded 5 out of 6 food & beverage industry social media benchmarks (e.g., cost per click and average engagement per post) for Laura’s Lean; 6 out of 6 benchmarks for Meyer Natural Angus; and 6 out of 6 benchmarks for Dakota.


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