In 2012, Celestial Seasonings charged Linhart PR with developing a program to cut through the New Year’s resolution clutter to promote natural wellness and reinforce Celestial Seasonings as an advocate for and provider of natural wellness solutions.


Linhart PR utilized Celestial Seasonings’ Facebook page fans and tea bloggers to name January “Winter Wellness Month” and promote 31 Days of TeaLC – that’s tender loving care through tea. The goal was also to create more awareness for Celestial Seasonings’ extensive line of teas that support wellness goals. In the spirit of celebrating simple steps to everyday wellness and helping tea enthusiasts with their New Year’s resolutions, Celestial Seasonings offered 31 Days of TeaLC via the brand’s Facebook page. Here are the tactics that worked in tandem to promote the Facebook challenge and the brand’s robust line of Wellness Teas:
• The month-long program was activated via a custom Facebook tab and coupon redeemable in-store, which was a point of entry, participation driver and quantifying tool.
• At the end of the month, 31 participants were randomly chosen to receive a wellness basket, and the first 15,000 participants received a free sample of a health-supporting Celestial Seasonings tea.
• To drive additional awareness with traditional and social media, Linhart PR leveraged celebrity dietician spokeswoman Ashley Koff, in a variety of ways including a nationally distributed a “Winter Wellness” matte release, cross-promotion on Ashley’s social channels and earned media outreach. Linhart PR also coordinated a placement for Wellness Teas and messaging with the Daily Buzz, a national cable show.


The month-long campaign helped increase engagement and visibility for wellness solutions:

  • The Facebook page had 138,983 followers in the month after the campaign, a 74% increase (+59,001)
  • Social referrals to the Celestial Seasonings website grew from 4% to 12% in just a few weeks
  • 1,380 total online and print stories resulted from the Winter Wellness matte release
  • Garnered nearly 4.9 million media impressions


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