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May 9, 2018 | Linhart Blog, Our Culture

Outside the LPR Office: Three Questions With Carly Connor

In our ongoing series, here’s what Carly Connor, Account Associate, told us about her life outside the office and in Colorado:

What is the last concert you went to?

Iration! A big group of my friends went in February, and it was awesome. I fell in love with Iration probably a lot later than most and have seen them three times now since moving to Colorado. The reggae group hails from Hawaii, which is somewhere I would LOVE to travel to someday. I’m a big fan of the feel-good nature of reggae music in general. For me, there’s nothing better than jammin’ to a good tune surrounded by good people.

What is your favorite thing about living in Colorado?

The mountains and being outdoors. When I first visited Colorado, with no anticipation of moving, the mountains were the one thing I couldn’t get over. Aside from the views, I love driving west for a hike or to explore a small mountain town. Dining at new restaurants and bars is also on my list of favorite pastimes, which is especially fun in mountain towns. Colorado’s weather also allows for you to be outside any day of the year, and I love that.

Where is the coolest place you’ve traveled? Any travel plans coming up?

The coolest place I’ve traveled to would have to be Croatia. While I was studying abroad, a group of us decided to fly there and rent a house for five days. I drove on the opposite side of the road for the first time there, and the country was absolutely beautiful. We took a boat cruise around Dubrovnik which stopped at various spots along the coast, allowing us to explore the cuisine and culture a bit deeper. California is up next on my list to re-visit, but I’d love to go out of the country again sometime soon.


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