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Mar 27, 2018 | Linhart Blog, Our Culture

Outside the LPR Office: Three Questions With Hannah Morris

In our ongoing series, here’s what Hannah Morris, account executive, told us about her life outside the office and in Colorado:

What is your favorite type of food? Where do you typically go to find this food?
That’s a tough question! I’ll give you my top two: Latin American food closely followed by Asian. My mom is from Panama, so I grew up on rice and beans, chicken with garlic and fried plantains (which I thought were gross when I was younger). Now I can’t get enough. Depending on what side of town I happen to be in, I’ll go to Cuba Cuba or Lazo Empanada. At home, though, I mostly cook a mix of Asian food like stir fries and curries. I recently learned how to make gyoza (fried pork dumplings – pictured here), but they take time, so when a craving hits, I’ll get them from Katsu Ramen instead.


What do you enjoy collecting?
I’ve been collecting my movie ticket stubs since high school. I guess I could say I also collect nail polish. It’s rare that I go a week without buying one. Last time I counted, I had about 30-something bottles left after giving several away.

What is your favorite thing about living in Colorado?
Can I give you my top three? 1. The mountains. No matter what kind of weather we have, they always look majestic…and help me know where I’m going; 2. The laid-back culture. People in general are very friendly here; and 3. It’s home.



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