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Oct 25, 2018 | Uncategorized

Outside the LPR Office: Three Questions With Maddie Taber

In our ongoing series, here’s what Maddie Taber, Account Associate, told us about her life outside the office and in Colorado:

What is your favorite type of food? Where do you typically go to find this food?
This one is an easy answer: American – specifically buffalo wings, always. I could truly eat these for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’m still navigating the best wing spots in Denver, but I’ll travel near and far for a good order of wings. Especially right now being football season, it’s an easy excuse for a platter of spicy wings on a Sunday afternoon. So far, I do have to say I think some of the best have been in Chicago where I’m from, but I’m still holding out hope for Denver. I’m not picky, and recommendations are always welcome! When I can’t have wings, I still put buffalo sauce on almost everything I eat. As most of the LPR team knows, I keep a bottle of hot sauce on my desk at all times. It’s important to always be prepared!


Where is the coolest place you’ve traveled? Any travel plans coming up?
Last spring, I went to Amsterdam, and it totally surpassed all expectations. The scenery is truly out of a movie, and I instantly fell in love with the architecture and history behind all the weaving canals and Dutch-style canal houses. It has such a quaint, homey vibe but without sacrificing an urban, lively city feel. While I don’t have any immediate travel plans in the near future (besides heading home to Chicago for the holidays), I think next up on my list would have to be somewhere in Asia where I have never been, although that is quite an ambitious next trip! Realistically I’ll probably be staying domestic for the foreseeable future, but you never know!


What is your favorite thing about living in Colorado?
Although there is so much to choose from in this amazing state, by far my favorite thing about living in Colorado is having some of the world’s best skiing be so incredibly accessible to me. Living just a couple of hours away from what others travel halfway across the world for is pretty awesome, and having grown up in the Midwest, the sprawling peaks are something I will never take for granted! Before moving to Colorado, I wasn’t used to a fierce snowstorm being something to get excited about, but knowing now that the accumulating inches equates to an imminent pow day, I couldn’t be more stoked! I’ve been making annual trips out west to ski since the age of three when my dad forced some boots and skis on my kicking feet, but having lived in Colorado now for almost five years, those ski trips have become all the more frequent!


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