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Our Predictions for 2017

2017 predictions

It’s the data daze. The all-consuming focus on consumer data will continue to shift the way businesses operate and will drive user experience innovation. Your trip to Sephora will play out in a number of different ways, long after you’ve left the store. – Kelly Nash

Millennial managers get help. Generation Z (born between 1994 and 2010) will mark its first full year in the workplace in 2017, and many are reporting to Millennials who are often learning to manage others for the first time in their careers. In 2017, more organizations will ramp up or focus more on leadership training and cross-generational mentoring opportunities for Millennials. – Kelly Womer

Patriotism serves as common ground. There will be new focus and trend on American patriotism and support for veterans and people in the Armed Services. I hope and think that some organizations and companies will increase their support for those causes such as veteran’s programs. – Sharon

The 80s are back! According to Harper’s Bazaar, the NYFW’s spring 2017 runway shows hinted that we’re set to see a lot of fun [and bright] fashions this coming year. From ruffles and neon to track suits and floral, this season will be a colorful one. Denim on denim, or the Canadian tuxedo to some, will make a comeback as will rose shades of pink. – Dani

Simplify life and satisfy souls. The general desire to simplify/streamline all aspects of life, demonstrated by the “athleisure” trend and others, will continue to grow. For instance, companies like Glossier are making it more challenging to distinguish between cosmetic and skincare lines. Why not combine your skincare and beauty practices into one? - Libby

Civil unrest and protest. Coming off a year of political and social unrest, we’ll continue to see the type of large-scale protests and activism like we’ve seen during and after the election, and surrounding issues like the Dakota Access Pipeline. The media will continue to focus heavily on these issues and actions. – Geoff

Celebrities get social. In 2016, we saw celebrities use the internet and social media in new ways. From sharing pregnancy news to releasing albums online to Twitter feuds – celebrities are figuring out how to harness their oftentimes massive social followings to bypass traditional marketing and communication channels. In 2017, we’re likely to see this trend continue and evolve, including with a new president who is using social channels like no POTUS before him. – Jenn

Conscious consumerism and mindfulness proliferate.

  • In a country where food culture is hot and food choices are limitless, conscious eating will continue to gain traction. The number of consumers who see “eating as an agricultural act” (that’s Wendell Berry) will increase, and although this is still a relatively small group of people, it is an influential and vocal minority. We’ll see more venture capital and influencer focus on food producers who are delivering more sustainable (and often local) solutions, like Dock to Dish. – Danielle
  • For Patagonia’s recent Black Friday 100% for the Planet, the company demonstrated its mantra that caring for our planet is not in conflict with running a successful business. Patagonia donated 100 percent of global Black Friday sales to grassroots organizations working in local communities to protect our air, water and soil for future generations. Patagonia is one trendsetter driving customers and companies to get active in communities, and effect change in 2017.  – Hannah

Increased business confidence tempered by continued volatility.  The unlikely election of Donald Trump has sent U.S. financial markets toward record highs and seems to be contributing to increased optimism among business leaders, based on expectations Trump will prioritize economic growth, reduce regulation and lower America’s corporate tax rate.  But the unpredictable nature of our new chief executive and a volatile global landscape suggest black swans may be swimming our way.  — Paul


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