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Sep 7, 2018 | Linhart Blog, Our Business

Think Like a Marketer: 5 Takeaways from Digital Summit Denver

john-schnobrich-520023-unsplashThousands of marketers and industry experts crowded the Performing Arts Center for the Digital Summit Denver in late summer, and I was one of them. I heard from Chelsea Handler, Scott Dikkers and many other talented individuals who shared their knowledge of the ever-changing marketing industry. After the two-day event, I sat back at my desk with a different, more strategic, view of my work – I was completely inspired. If you want to think like a marketer, too, here are five of my takeaways to consider.

Data is king.
We’ve all likely heard the phrase “Content is king.” Except, is it really? There’s no question that good content works and is important for brand storytelling today, but one thing that should be valued a bit higher is data. Who are your fans or followers? What do they care about and how can you connect with them? Data and insights about your audience or customers are crucial. Data is what gets me and my team ticking and it’s what informs our decisions in order to effectively help our clients. Analyze your data first, and then use it to develop your content. Data is KING and should ultimately be driving your content strategy.

We’re all human.
A common theme in almost every session I attended at the summit was the reminder that we’re all human. I also heard the phase: “It’s no longer B2B or B2C. It’s H2H: Human to Human.” For me, this means an adjustment in the way we, as marketers, speak and communicate. Humans have emotions and crave meaningful interactions. Where does your brand fit into this? Social media is a great example, as it’s all about connections. It explains why the best digital content is relatable, funny and authentic. The takeaway is to remember who you’re speaking to and to speak their language. After all, we’re in the business of building trust.

Marketing is about creating experiences.
One speaker said “Great marketing can’t make up for bad experiences.” This really hit home for me – it’s so true! Think about it. You can market your products or services all day long, but once a customer lands on your site, then what? Some e-comm websites, for example, deliver great experiences by giving customers a customized experience each time they land on the site. Gone are the days where marketers could simply push messages. Today we need to create unique, memorable experiences. Wouldn’t you rather spend money on an experience over a tangible product? Three million out of 4 million millennials would.

Use technology to your advantage.
You may have read that and thought “well duh.” But in reality, many organizations aren’t using technology and the many available platforms to help reach their business goals. I attended the session “Five Key Traits for High Performing Marketing Organizations” and learned that the best marketers use 14 tools on average to achieve their goals and create the killer user experience I mentioned above. While 14 tools may not be a fit or within budget for everyone, it’s important to know what’s out there and understand which technology-related programs could most help your company.

Make an impression.
Scott Dikkers, founder of The Onion, said one thing that stuck with me: “We don’t need press releases. Let’s do things that are press worthy.” He shared this when speaking about how he started The Onion, but it speaks to the idea of making an impression. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a time and place for press releases, but I just love this thinking. What can your business do to stand out or make an impression? What are you already doing that deserves to be shared?


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